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Mining in Turkey

Turkey, a vital section of the Alpine-Himalayan structural belt, has remarkably assorted mineral deposits.In Turkey, particularly in Anatolia, mineral investigation and mining offices of these stores for metals and crude materials goes back to old circumstances. In this way, Anatolia has spearheaded numerous developments up till now. Turkey has the biggest imminent land region in Europe. In any case, the complex geologic structure of Turkey makes it more troublesome for mine investigation and mining offices. Notwithstanding this, Turkey is one of only a handful couple of nations which can give a large portion of their crude materials.

Turkey has 2.5% of the modern crude material, 1% of the coal and 0.8% of the geothermal and 0.4% of the metallic mineral stores of the world. It additionally has a critical potential for common stone. Turkey’s exportation of common stone is in third rank on the planet, yet first of the world in marble and travertine exportation.

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