Block Chain of Bitcoin

Block Chain of Bitcoin


As we all know, internet nowadays is taking over the wide world. The biggest companies, car, steel, wood, airplanes, and even weapon companies are all using internet for money transactions. Such huge companies are in need to a safe financial system to secure their transactions on internet. However, bitcoin, and its excellent financial system that called BLOCK CHAIN is nowadays known as the safest way to secure any transaction over internet.

To explain a little about the block chain system, it is a safe system that bitcoin deal with, as everyone on earth has the right to use only one account that anyone else can never use unless the real owner give the username and password of his account, even if the owner dies, still nobody can access to his account, this is why these huge companies tend to use the block chain system. However, currently as we all know bitcoin is the highest price of all currencies as it hits 18000 Dollars for a single bitcoin in 2018, but unfortunately decreased to hit 6000 dollars after only one month, however, it is expected to increase again within 2018.

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